Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lets get this started

I have slacked so bad on training but I am getting ready to jump back in. I decided to cancel my gym membership and work out at home.. We have most of the equipment needed set up in our garage and for Christmas Braden got my a few workout items for me. I got weights, resistant bands a slimming belt and a yoga ball. We are also in the process of getting the Insanity workout DVD and we already have P90x (hard but love it, you can really feel your workout the next day). I am excited to get back in full motion and workout at home where I am more comfortable and not have to worry about Easton since he will be there with me. Braden will be training me at home too which will be nice to have him pushing me. I have my next race in a week on 1/7 Arizona Run Walk and Roll. I am running it with my friend Ali and Easton will join me in this race too. I am excited to get back into shape and tone up. and get these 30 races completed before Oct 10 2013.

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