Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here's my final list of races to reach my goal

2012 race list 
Jan - iron girl 5k- complete 
Jan- Arizona run walk and roll 5k- complete
Feb - Az Lost Dutchman 8k trail- complete
Mar- gladiator rock n run 8k- complete
April - Pats run 5k -complete 
Warrior dash - complete 
Oct - gladiator rock n run - complete 
Oct- Susan g Koman - complete 
Nov - Big Tough Girl Walk

2013 race list 
Feb - Spartan 4.7 miles - complete 
Feb - love on the run 5k
Feb - valentines run 13.1 miles
Feb- Az Lost Dutchman 8k trail 
Mar - Phoenix marathon 10k
Mar - Survivor mud run 
Mar - south mountain challenge 
Mar - run rock shamrock 5k
Mar - glow run Encantra 5k
Mar - kiss me dirty mud run 
Mar - neon run 
April - the rave run 
April - warrior dash 
April - firefly
April - pats run 
May - night run 
July - beat the heat 5k
July - beat the Heat - 13.1 
July - bucket if blood (holbrook) 
October - 30th race --- MUD FACTOR 5k

Monday, September 17, 2012

Running Sponsorship

In January I applied thru Active Ambassadors for a running sponsorship. I was overly excited to open my email one day and see Aquaphor had extended me a sponsorship for the 2012 year. I am so excited to get out there and race and wear all my fancy Aquaphor gear.  Look for me at upcoming races with a sample table.!/AquaphorUS

upcoming races

I have completed 6 of my 30 races for my goal by 10/10/2013.

here is a list of my upcoming races I will be doing. I am in the process of scheduling 10-14 races by 12/31/2012

Race #7  Oct 13Gladiator Rock n' Run (Round 2)
Race# 8  Oct 14 Susan G Koman Race for the Cure
Race# 9 Oct 20 Neon Splash Dash
Race #10 Oct 21 Arizona State Fair 5k
Race#11 Nov 10 BTG (Big Tough Girl) 5k Run/Walk
Race#12 Nov 17 Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k
Race #13 Nov 22 Mesa Turkey Trot
Race#14 Dec 2 Fiesta Bowl 1/2 Marathon
Race #15 Dec 9 Hot Chocolate
Race #16 Dec 15 12 k's of Christmas
Race#17 Iron Girl

Right now I am in the process of training. I have finally met my goal of running 3.5 miles straight without stopping in 46 mins. I have learned to push myself and keep going and not give up.

catching up!

Well its been quite sometime since i last posted, I have completed a total of 5 races. I have ran Az Run Walk and Roll 5k with my friend Ali and her father in law Ron. completed it in about 41 mins, not my best but I was fighting a cold, also didnt do much training. My next race was the Arizona Lost Dutchman 8k trail run, Trail is alot harder than expected. I was lucky and had my sweet husband run with me because my friend was injured. This race was completed in about 1:03, not my best but had a great support team, my sweet mother was in town and Easton and her cheered Braden and I on thru the start nd finish line, this was the first race she has ever seen me run and it was amazing to have her support me thru this race. My 4th race was the Gladiator Rock n Run, this was a 4.2 mile 17 mud obstacle course, completed in 1:26, not bad for rolling your ankle 3 times, but i would totally do another one

Arizona Run Walk Roll

Heather, Ali, Ron (AZ Run Walk & Roll)

Lost Dutchman 8k Trail Run

Braden, Heather and Max before Gladiator Rock n' Run

Heather & Braden AFTER Gladiator Rock n' Run

my 5th race was Pats Run 2012. This was a pretty awesome turn out 28,000 people, I actually ran this race with my husband and 9 month old son, my 2 biggest supporters. Braden pushed Easton in the jogger and I ran behind them, I was a slower pace and it was 90 degrees outside, I completed the race in 51:44 getting sick halfway thru the way so not bad on time. It was a great event to complete with my family, cant wait to do it agian next year

Braden & Heather waiting to get to the start line for Pat's Run

We did it... Braden pushed Easton in the jogger, this was Easton's first race

So far I have completed 5 out fo 30 races and its only March. I have 3 finisher medals out of 5 so far too. My next race is already scheduled and paid for . WARRIOR DASH 2012 IN FLORENCE, my supportive husband  was so kind and race along side the whole race.  I am so excited for this next mud run, I am really getting into them.

race 6 of 30 was Warrior Dash. It was really hot that day. I almost past out but thanks to my sweet husband I made it to the end. I could have done better with my time but hey it is what it is.
After Warrior Dash -- we forgot to take before shots

Braden and I after Warrior Dash.. its was really hot this day

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 7th

In just 2 days I will be running my second race of 30..The Arizona Run Walk and Roll put on my The Arizona Disabled Sport.  I will be running alongside my good friend Allison Bradon and her sweet husband Roy will be cheering us thru the finish line

. I have not trained for this race one bit, I have slacked off so much. I can blame it on the 55 hours a week I am working right now, and then being a full time mommy, but I can only blame myself. I can workout at home and do 30 mins of p90x but I see my cute little boy and just want to play with him. So it will be back to tough training after this race because I have 2 major obstacle races in March and I must train and prepare myself now and be physically ready..

check back for my race results from this weekend

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lets get this started

I have slacked so bad on training but I am getting ready to jump back in. I decided to cancel my gym membership and work out at home.. We have most of the equipment needed set up in our garage and for Christmas Braden got my a few workout items for me. I got weights, resistant bands a slimming belt and a yoga ball. We are also in the process of getting the Insanity workout DVD and we already have P90x (hard but love it, you can really feel your workout the next day). I am excited to get back in full motion and workout at home where I am more comfortable and not have to worry about Easton since he will be there with me. Braden will be training me at home too which will be nice to have him pushing me. I have my next race in a week on 1/7 Arizona Run Walk and Roll. I am running it with my friend Ali and Easton will join me in this race too. I am excited to get back into shape and tone up. and get these 30 races completed before Oct 10 2013.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well I did it. I ran my first race out of my 30 race goal. I got up at 530am and headed out the door with my little family in tow and picked up my friend Melissa and headed to north Scottsdale. I drank a 5 hour energy drink and was pumped up and ready to go. Maybe it was my nerves but I was still excited. I had a goal of completing the 5k in under 45minutes and thanks to my friend Melissa I completed it in 37:59 my PR (personal Record) 8 minutes faster than I had planned. I didn't train much at all for this race, so much came up and I wasnt able to so I was very proud of my self knowing I maybe trained a total of 5 days for this race.  I was feeling great starting out the race, I was pumped, then came our first hill I wanted to scream, but I ran up the whole hill. Melissa trains like I do, we do a 4 minute run then 1 minute walk, my old roommate Lety trained me like that when I was living with her and doing races and it really works for me.  During our first 4min interval I asked Melissa what time we were at and it was only 2 minutes and I told her I forgot how long 4 minutes was, she laughed. Well I made the first mile I was a little tired. Then came our turn around mark and we headed down hill, going down hill you really have to control your pace, we managed, then we made it to 2 miles and then 2.5 and we were headed back up hill and at this point i believe we walked for almost 5 minutes I was really tired, we get to the bridge we crossed in the beginning and we decided to run start without stopping to the finish line, I really thought I was going to finish before Melissa because I was taller and had longer legs but no we crossed together and they called my name and it was the most exciting event ever, I got my very first medal ever for a running event. I kept telling Melissa as we were running to the finish line I thought I was going to throw up, but I never did, thank goodness. I look forward to completing my next race. I love running and running in races, they maybe early in the morning but everyone is soo pumped up that you get a burst of energy and you have people cheering you on the sidelines the whole race and just when you feel like giving up a fellow runner tells you "you can do it, keep pushing your almost there "and you feel like you get your motivation back and you get going again. I love running down the corral to the finish line so many people are cheering for you and ur family/friends are there cheering you on, its an amazing feeling. I look forward to many more races,
I will be training more and hitting the gym alot more. My only time to train is at 5am because my sweet husband gets up with the baby and he works out at night so we spilt it up. I like morning workouts because it gets me energized for the day.

(Melissa and I)

(prerace snuggles)

(start of the race)

(racing to the finish line)

(baby and I after the race)

( we are iron girls )
(oh yea thats right I had a baby 4 months ago)