Thursday, November 17, 2011


Training started this week bright and early at 5am. I meet up with my friend Tabitha and we only ran 1/4 mile and we were tired. Its been about 1 1/2 yrs since I ran, but during that time I was pregnant and recovering from gallbladder surgery. Later that night I ran a mile, a full mile without stopping, I ran it 14 mins 58 secs. pretty high for me, I use to be a 12 min mile, but I will get there soon. Then I wasn't feeling good and slacked on running and haven't ran this week since. I am a slacker, thats no way to train.

Well starting this Monday my training schedule will be: Monday Wednesday Friday run at 5am and Tuesday and Thursday hit the gym at 5am for strengthening and core building. NO longer will I be taking the elevator to the 3rd floor at work, I will be taking the stairs from now on and walking on my breaks, no more sitting on my butt.

Until next week....

Turning 30 SUCKS!!! So here is my goal....

So as you can tell I DO NOT want to turn 30. Now I have 2 years till my 30th birthday, but I have created a goal to help me feel better about turning 30. I am not sure yet how running 30 races/30 finisher awards by my 30th birthday will make me feel better about it all but we shall see.  Possibly the fact I will be healthy and in great shape.

Now I do have about 5 races under belt over the last 3 years but I am not counting those towards my goal. So far I have 29 races lined up with about 17 finisher awards

This blog is my journey thru training and my experience in achieving my goal. Please follow along and feel free to post words of encouragement as I am sure I will need them.