Monday, September 17, 2012

catching up!

Well its been quite sometime since i last posted, I have completed a total of 5 races. I have ran Az Run Walk and Roll 5k with my friend Ali and her father in law Ron. completed it in about 41 mins, not my best but I was fighting a cold, also didnt do much training. My next race was the Arizona Lost Dutchman 8k trail run, Trail is alot harder than expected. I was lucky and had my sweet husband run with me because my friend was injured. This race was completed in about 1:03, not my best but had a great support team, my sweet mother was in town and Easton and her cheered Braden and I on thru the start nd finish line, this was the first race she has ever seen me run and it was amazing to have her support me thru this race. My 4th race was the Gladiator Rock n Run, this was a 4.2 mile 17 mud obstacle course, completed in 1:26, not bad for rolling your ankle 3 times, but i would totally do another one

Arizona Run Walk Roll

Heather, Ali, Ron (AZ Run Walk & Roll)

Lost Dutchman 8k Trail Run

Braden, Heather and Max before Gladiator Rock n' Run

Heather & Braden AFTER Gladiator Rock n' Run

my 5th race was Pats Run 2012. This was a pretty awesome turn out 28,000 people, I actually ran this race with my husband and 9 month old son, my 2 biggest supporters. Braden pushed Easton in the jogger and I ran behind them, I was a slower pace and it was 90 degrees outside, I completed the race in 51:44 getting sick halfway thru the way so not bad on time. It was a great event to complete with my family, cant wait to do it agian next year

Braden & Heather waiting to get to the start line for Pat's Run

We did it... Braden pushed Easton in the jogger, this was Easton's first race

So far I have completed 5 out fo 30 races and its only March. I have 3 finisher medals out of 5 so far too. My next race is already scheduled and paid for . WARRIOR DASH 2012 IN FLORENCE, my supportive husband  was so kind and race along side the whole race.  I am so excited for this next mud run, I am really getting into them.

race 6 of 30 was Warrior Dash. It was really hot that day. I almost past out but thanks to my sweet husband I made it to the end. I could have done better with my time but hey it is what it is.
After Warrior Dash -- we forgot to take before shots

Braden and I after Warrior Dash.. its was really hot this day

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